Cellulite Treatments: Ditching the Dimples

December 20, 2017



One of the most dreaded words many women can hear.  The dimpling.  The wiggling.  The giggling.  It seems that for some women, no amount of dieting, exercise, or other attempts to remove or reduce the appearance of those areas seems to work.  Billions of dollars are spent seeking the perfect cellulite reduction treatments...but do they work?!?

Luckily for us, research has shown that some treatments DO work!  In an article published by the American Academy of Dermatologists , acoustic wave therapy has been shown to work by reducing the appearance of cellulite over a series of treatments.  

At Sound Women's Health & Aesthetics we offer BTL CELLUTONE™.  Using the power of targeted vibrations, BTL CELLUTONE™ contributes to the elimination of the main factors causing cellulite formation and lead to a considerable improvement in the skin appearance. Mechanical vibrations enhance microcirculation and oxygen supply in affected area resulting in increased blood supply and removal of excess interstitial fluid.


BTL CELLUTONE™ treatments are safe for patients of all ages and skin types who are suffering from any form of cellulite and or want an additional effect to other non-invasive body shaping procedure. This is an option for those who desire aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery.  The treatment helps significantly improve the appearance of cellulite and the overall skin texture. Patients have reported visible improvements after a single session.  Treatments are quick, painless, and require no recovery time!  


Packages are available for Cellutone Cellulite reduction only, or will be included FREE with any CoolSculpting® Procedure performed on the legs or abdomen.  We are the ONLY Medical Spa in the North Sound area to offer amazing combination of fat reduction and cellulite reduction treatment together in one session!  Call today for your free consultation to see if Cellutone™ is right for you!  360-656-5246